on an island in the sun...
almost gone with the grumpies
shew, the headache is finally gone, but the nausea is still here! i'm so glad the headache is gone..that was the worst. i still think my blood pressure is a little too high, although i have taken my medicine on a regular basis. i have uncontrollable nose bleeds, which are a pain in the rumpus. i should probably see a nose/throat doc, but i'm not interesed in tests run on my nose. the thought of something up my nose freaks me out, and it could be that i need a hole drilled in the cartiledge in my nose, like my mother needed several years ago. of course, that really freaks me out! so, now i sit grumbling wishing the pain would go away on its own. and i'm certain it will, because it has before, it's just annoying while i wait. i'm telling you, this week has been a grumbly one. i hope next week is filled with joy and happiness, because i sure could use it. (i'm sure anyone that reads me could use a joyful entry or two also!!!) i have had some fun times this week. i just didn't write about them. it seems that the few times i wrote an entry i was in a bad mood. sorry about that! ;o) i went to dinner with a few friends on monday and that was nice. a great time of fellowship, although the food was nothing to write home about. i went bowling last weekend with some friends and i had a good time then also. i'm meeting with some friends in dc on the 21st for lunch, shopping, and whatever else we decide to do. so, i see more than complaints in the future! see, i'm feeling better already just thinking about it! ;o) well i should go, i still have tons of stuff to do before tomorrow morning.

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