on an island in the sun...
Important People In My Life

Heather- sweet sister to me, girlfriend of tom, and good friend to many!

Janet & Frank- the best parents a girl could ask for, although sometimes the root of great stress!

Kimberly, Rich, & Madison- sister & brother-in-law, & adorable three year old niece! i miss them a great deal, since they now reside in pennsylvania!!

Janie- my best friend of many long years, neighbor, and partner in crime. i listed her here on my page of important people, eventhough she didn't give me the same honor! i wonder what that's about?

Fran- my poker buddy, boss at the Y and super friend!

Theresa- another poker buddy and great friend i met at the Y!

Kim- a fellow teacher and all around good friend!

Marlen- fellow d-lander and a good friend! i love reading her journal as a way to keep up with her...i miss her since she ran off to the big "T"!

Marla- fellow d-lander friend and loyal reader

Tara- fellow d-lander and the best mudslide maker in the GB area!

Patrick- ex to heather, but currently a good friend of mine. good listener, and awesome secret-keeper! ;o)

Kibby- cute little kitty with a whole lot of attitude. i'm so sad i couldn't take her with me when i moved, however, mama is quite attached to her and the wonderful apartment is worth being "petless"!!!

Gracie- my sweet little sneaking, trouble-making kitten. a former student gave her to me, but of course she too is rooming with my mama and kibby!

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