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an upset stomach and a killer headache!!!
i feel horrible today! i have an upset stomach and a killer headache. ugh! i just wish the pain would go away!!! i finally got out of bed and took a shower around 4pm. i even put on makeup, and left the house thinking that would help me feel better, but i still feel sick. the cool air didn't even work. :>( i hope i feel better by tomorrow morning. my blood pressure is probably a little too high, due to the stress i've been under lately. i haven't been under an enormous amount of pressure. the stress i've been feeling is due to matters of the heart. and unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about that, except pray. oh, and of course we could change our behavior, if the problem stems from that. however, my behavior is not where my problems lie, so that wouldn't help me one iota! ya know, i said that lightly..."unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about that, except pray." i didn't mean for that to sound like prayer isn't important or that it won't help. because let me tell you, it does help! and it's very imnportant to me! you can have no greater friend than God, i totally believe that!!! so anyway, i haven't really done much of anything today, so i guess i should get going and get some work done. i just don't know how long i will be able to hold my head up. tootle loo!!

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