on an island in the sun...
nothing on tv
mmmmmm...i'm still nausiated! i need a quick fix remedy. i do have to work tomorrow and i really DON'T feeling like dealing with this for 11hrs!!! any suggestions? i've been sleeping off and on all day, so i'm fairly wide awake at the moment. wide awake with nothing to do! i thought i would watch a little tv this evening, and i did...very little! the grammys and a movie are hogging two of three channels my mother gets in. the other channel is law and order criminal intent, which i really can't stand. i was hoping for alias and then the practice, but i guess i'm not gonna get lucky tonight. hee hee, story of my life lately! ;o) oh brother, well, i guess i will try to find something else to do. goodnight all!!!!

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...we'll be playing and having fun
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